Limb Salvage Options in Lakewood, CA

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Limb salvage reconstruction involves saving a lower extremity from amputation. Amputation is usually recommended as a last resort option for those experiencing complications from diabetes, neuropathy, cancer, peripheral vascular disease, or a severe injury. If you’re researching limb salvage options in Lakewood, CA, turn to our experienced team at Tagaloa-Tulifau Foot & Ankle Center. Our goal is to restore the health and stability of your affected lower extremity and get you back to living your life free from pain.

Our Process

Once it is determined that limb salvage reconstruction is appropriate for your condition, our experienced team will employ both simple and complex surgical intervention in the treatment of your severe lower extremity condition. Your procedure may involve bone and soft tissue reconstruction and tendon transfer, as well as the use of prostheses, synthetic metal rods or plates, or grafts to replace any removed bone or tissue.

Your care may involve specialists such as a plastic surgeon, physical or occupational therapist, endocrinologist, or vascular surgeon to help treat and manage your condition effectively.

Recovery Time

Recovery from limb salvage reconstruction will take time. You will be required to stay off your feet for a length of time following surgery. Dr. Tagaloa-Tulifau will recommend special shoes or braces to help assist in your recovery. Additionally, physical therapy may be required to help regain your strength and mobility in your lower extremity.

Our Goal

At Tagaloa-Tulifau Foot & Ankle Center, we recognize the physical and emotional pain that can arise when you are faced with a debilitating wound or injury. Our goal is threefold:

  • Control and manage your pain
  • Prevent or resolve any infection
  • Maintain function in your foot or lower extremity

Whether your condition is small or large, our trusted podiatrist will employ her extensive knowledge and expertise to help you control and resolve your condition.

Learn More About Limb Salvage Options in Lakewood, CA

To experience our 5-star-rated podiatry care, schedule your Dr. Tulifau New Patient Consultation today by calling 562-925-3055 or clicking here to use our convenient online request form. Your appointment includes:

  • Discuss Your Goals
  • Review Your Medical History
  • Thorough Exam
  • Custom Treatment Plan

We will take the time to explore your unique needs and answer your questions prior to recommending the next steps. We always provide a straightforward plan with a consultative approach to help you feel comfortable and ready to proceed with treatment.

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