Podiatry & Foot Doctor Reviews in Lakewood, CA

See What Our Patients Have to Say About Their Experience at Tagaloa-Tulifau Foot & Ankle Center

With over 40,000 patients helped since 1999, we have received numerous podiatry and foot doctor reviews in Lakewood, CA, praising our friendly atmosphere, compassionate doctor, and state-of-the-art podiatry care. Take a look at what our patients have to say about their experiences with our podiatrist and team.

“I have seen Dr. Tulifau quite a few times over the years for both myself and my children. All of my experiences with her have been positive. She is kind, patient, and knowledgeable including her staff. During my last visit, they really went out of their way to make sure things went smoothly for me.”

– Kevin F.

“The staff was super nice very friendly. The office is clean and welcoming. The doctor OMG super nice and very knowledgeable, made us feel welcomed and cared for, she took the time to explain in detail my son’s condition. She noticed he was nervous and she was patient and took her time to assure him that everything was going to be fine. She took the time to explain everything twice to make sure we felt comfortable with our decision. I highly recommend her and I will definitely encourage my family and friends to visit. They accept cash and credit cards. Best doctor experience ever!!”

– Myrna S.

“The reviews all said Dr.Tulifau is #1 in SoCal for Podiatry. Very very TRUE!! An honest practitioner and extremely effective from the first visit. The staff is pleasant and knowledgeable. This is a team of winners. And here’s a spoiler alert: the Doc has expanded her office, so she can accommodate more patients and additional equipment for first-class treatment. Thank you, Dr. Tagaloa-Tulifau. You are a name you can trust.”

– Donte N.

“I was very pleased with my experience with Dr. Tulifau, her staff was very friendly and the appointment process was smooth. I have had ankle pain for as long as I can remember until I visited Dr. Tulifau. I informed her of some of the treatments I’ve received in the past and how they haven’t worked for me, and she took a different approach and I have been pain-free for the past 3 weeks.”

– Jolie A.

“Dr. Tulifau and her staff were very kind and professional. The office has a very home feeling vibe to it. The doctor definitely knows what she’s doing, I have been pain-free for about a month now.”

– Bobby R.

“She is very kind and knowledgeable. I was suffering from my foot problem for 4 months…Due to lockdown, I couldn’t get treatment. My wound became worst and so much pain. Finally found Dr. Tagaloa-Tulifau and with her treatment, my foot is much better and the wound is healing. Pain is also reducing…thank you so much Dr for your care. I really appreciate that…looking forward to seeing you soon 😊”

– Monika K.

“Great doctor! Very amazing experience.”

– Kimberly F.

“The whole process from making the appointment to having the procedure was smooth. I am very happy with the staff and doctor who treated me.”

– Jeanette M.

“I’m so glad I returned to Dr. Tulifau. After an insurance issue preventing me from seeing her I was able to return with new insurance. Tried a couple of other Podiatrists in the interim but none of them gave the care and attention my feet need. Thank you!”

– David M.

“Dr. Tagaloa is very knowledgeable and helpful with your foot needs. She was able to explain to me about my foot in detail and how to care for it. She’s a doctor who cares for her patients and you feel that when she talks to you during your visit. I would highly recommend her.”

– Victor N.

“I was referred from my PCP for a routine diabetic exam. The staff was polite, efficient.  The doctor was lovely, knowledgeable, and very clear about what she was doing and why without making you feel like you were being talked down to. The appointment time was timely, not a long wait either in the waiting room or once back in an exam room before the doctor came in.”

– Karen W.

“When I got there I was very nervous but Dr. Tagaloa made me feel a little more relaxed while explaining to me the procedures needed. I didn’t feel a thing, not even the needles! She numbed me pretty well and got through with the procedure very quickly. Would definitely recommend her, thank you!”

– Alex J.

“Staff is friendly…greeted me when I arrived. The office looks professional newly remodeled. Didn’t have to wait too long before called in to see the doctor.”

– Penny T.

“Dr. Tagaloa-Tulifau is professional and kind Dr. Upon arrival I was greeted by her staff, and if it wasn’t for their attentive care I wouldn’t have been seen the same day I made my appointment. I recommend this office to anyone that needs foot care. It has been a week since I saw Dr. Tagaloa-Tulifau, and quite honestly I feel so much better. The care that was provided to me was exceptional. Looking forward to my follow up visit next week. Thank you Dr. and staff for the wonderful care you provide. I definitely will recommend this office to family and friends.”

– Angela M.

“I have already referred Dr. Tagaloa- Tulifau to a friend and Co-worker because I already love my Doctor. She’s a Surgeon, too!

  1. Office is near my home. It’s clean and the staff is polite and knowledgeable 👌🏽.
  2. I was seen 10 min. after finishing my application (which was easy to complete 👍🏾).
  3. After Dr. Tagaloa-Tulifau took painless x-rays of my feet and ankles, she showed me the x-rays and educated me about my feet and ankles. She verified that I DO NOT have Arthritis 👍🏾 She gave me information regarding diet and nutrition. I appreciated everything
  4. I was measured for my annual shoes, and I’m excited to get these padded tennis shoes 💖😇

Thank you!”

– Angela T.

As one of the premier podiatry practices in Lakewood, CA, our podiatrist and team at Tagaloa-Tulifau Foot & Ankle Center also provide 5-star podiatry care to patients from Long Beach, Cerritos & Bellflower, CA & the surrounding areas.