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Fungal toenails are a pervasive foot problem, affecting nearly 20% of the population. The persistent condition can be painful and difficult to treat. At Tagaloa-Tulifau Foot & Ankle Center, Dr. Mafutaga Tagaloa-Tulifau uses a treatment protocol that’s effective in eradicating fungal toenails — especially with the use of the clinic’s FDA-approved laser. Contact our office for cutting-edge toenail fungus treatment in Lakewood, CA.

Fungal Toenails Q & A

How Do I Know if I Have Fungal Toenails?

Fungal toenails do not appear overnight. The first sign of a fungal infection is the toenail becoming discolored.

As the infection deepens, the affected toenails appear:

  • Thickened
  • Cracked, brittle, crumbled at the edge
  • Distorted in shape

The infection can also spread to other toes.

What Causes Fungal Toenails?

Dermatophytes cause fungal toenails. These are tiny micro-organisms that thrive in moist and dark environments, like what your shoes create.

Fungi enter the skin of the feet through little cracks under the nail. Once it reaches your skin, it causes peeling and itching.

When fungus reaches under the toenails, it multiplies and starts to change the color of the nail and attacks the nail root, causing a deformed and thickened toenail.

Anyone can get fungal toenails, but it’s more prevalent in patients with diabetes and those who are vascularly compromised.

Are Fungal Toenails Contagious?

Fungal toenails are highly contagious. If you share a shower with someone who has a fungal toenail infection, you can easily become infected yourself.

Disinfect your bathtub twice per week and wear shower shoes in the bathroom. Wear slippers around the house to decrease your chances of becoming infected.

Can I Cure Fungal Toenails with Over-the-Counter Remedies?

Home remedies and over-the-counter (OTC) medications don’t cure fungal toenails. Toenail fungus is a complicated infection. It requires more than OTC treatments, primarily when it has advanced.

How Can a Doctor Treat Fungal Toenails?

Dr. Tagaloa-Tulifau prescribes an oral medication if you’re a candidate. She can also prescribe a topical antifungal.

In some cases, she dispenses a UV light to kill the fungus in your shoes. Fungus thrives in shoes, due to the warm and moist environment. By treating your shoes, your toes won’t get reinfected.

Finally, the Tagaloa-Tulifau Foot & Ankle Center uses laser technology to eradicate the fungus. This protocol for treating fungal toenails, combined with patient education, is very effective.

It’s imperative to call Dr. Tagaloa-Tulifau or book an appointment online at the first sign of a fungal toenail infection – her expertise provides effective treatment for this painful and persistent toenail condition.

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