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A neuroma (Morton’s neuroma) is a benign but painful condition that most commonly occurs in the small nerve that runs between the metatarsal bones in the ball of the foot and into the third and fourth toes. Narrow shoes, high heels, injuries, or foot abnormalities can all result in nerve irritation. This irritation results in inflammation and scar tissue forms around the nerve, resulting in pain that can quickly knock you off your feet. When this happens, call us for neuroma treatment in Lakewood, CA.

Do You Have a Neuroma?

A neuroma is sometimes referred to as a pinched nerve in the foot. If you experience any of the following symptoms at home, we recommend that you schedule an exam as soon as possible. Neuromas do not go away on their own, and their symptoms can worsen over time.

Common symptoms of a neuroma are…

  • Pain in your forefoot
  • A sharp, burning sensation
  • Pain between your toes
  • Swelling between your toes
  • Tingling or numbness in the ball of your foot
  • Pain when you put weight on the ball of your foot

Ultimately, the best way to know if your foot pain is caused by a neuroma is to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Tagaloa-Tulifau. She will provide you with a thorough examination, educate you on your condition, and discuss your available treatment options with you to restore you to a pain-free, mobile lifestyle.

Contact Us for High-Quality Neuroma Treatment in Lakewood, CA

To experience our 5-star-rated podiatry care, schedule your Dr. Tulifau New Patient Consultation today by calling 562-925-3055 or clicking here to use our convenient online request form. Your appointment includes:

  • Discuss Your Goals
  • Review Your Medical History
  • Thorough Exam
  • Custom Treatment Plan

We will take the time to explore your unique needs and answer your questions prior to recommending the next steps. We always provide a straightforward plan with a consultative approach to help you feel comfortable and ready to proceed with treatment.

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